Perron Rigot Double Scrub Special Ingrown Hairs


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With silica microbeads + AHA

Eliminates dead cells, refines skin texture. Purifies the pores to facilitate hair piercing. Ingrown hairs are visibly reduced. The present ingrown hairs disappear more quickly.

FORMULA: (79% of natural origin ingredients.)
. Silica Microbeads: microbeads of natural origin, strong exfoliating power.
. AHA – Fruit acids: known to accelerate cell renewal, smooth the skin, purify, “peeling” effect.
. Complex of essential oils of lemon and lavender: purifying & soothing.

Before showering, apply the dry scrub all over the body, paying particular attention to areas that have been waxed or need to be waxed. Rinse with water
• Use 48 hours before waxing
• Then use once a week to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs
• Do not use on damaged skin, nor on mucous membranes
• Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding
• Avoid Sun exposure. This product contains AHAs which can leave the skin sensitive to sunlight