Cliniccare Premium Time Reverse Face Mask


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A miracle hydrogel sheet mask from CLINICCARE, formulated with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to provide an instant natural skin rejuvenation. The mask not only contains everything the skin needs, but it will also immediately improve the skin condition. It replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool. The idea behind its creation is to give busy women and men the chance to replace visits to aesthetic clinics or beauty salons with a similar experience at home.


  • Reduces the signs of aging and provides a visible lifting effect.
  • Provides immediate and long-lasting deep hydration.
  • Replenishes the skin with minerals and vitamins, and also acts as an antioxidant.
  • Stimulates fibroblast growth and collagen synthesis.



Apply on clean skin. Leave the mask on the face for about 20-40 minutes until it begins to dry.